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Welcome to Natural Mehandi Powder Udhyog, founded in 1980, your premier source for 100% pure and natural henna powder in India. Embrace the rich tradition and natural beauty benefits with our top-grade henna, meticulously sourced and processed to ensure the highest quality. As a trusted manufacturer and exporter, we are dedicated to bringing the finest henna products to both local and international markets. Our dedication to quality ensures that every batch of henna offers consistent color and exceptional purity, making it ideal for both cosmetic and medicinal uses.

At Natural Mehandi Powder Udhyog, we also offer a diverse range of Henna and Herbal products at an affordable price. Our extensive product line is designed to cater to various needs, ensuring that every customer finds exactly what they're looking for. Whether you're seeking products for hair care, skin care, or traditional ceremonies, we provide solutions that blend the best of nature with the ingenuity of modern manufacturing practices. Shop with us and experience the perfect blend of tradition and quality.

Natural Henna Powder Products in India

Discover the vibrant world of natural henna with India's Top henna powder manufacturer. Our expertly crafted henna powder is sourced directly from the lush fields of India, ensuring each batch is pure, organic, and rich in color. We pride ourselves on our traditional methods combined with modern techniques to produce henna that is perfect for both body art and hair treatment. Trust India’s heritage of quality and expertise to bring the best henna products to your doorstep. Experience the beauty of natural ingredients with our top-rated henna powder, favored by professionals worldwide for its superior stain and lasting quality.

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    Henna Powder Manufacturers & Exporters in India

    Mr. Suraj Mal Parihar started our business in 1980 as a Mehandi Powder Udyog at Sojat City, the only wholesale market of henna in India. The CEO of the company joined him with the foundation of Natural Mahendi Powder Udyog in 2010. He is highly qualified and an expert in manufacturing Best Quality Henna Products. He has invented some new henna colors and herbal mixers with his expertise.

    NMP Udhyog - Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Henna Powder in India

    NMP Udhyog stands as a distinguished leader in the manufacturing and exporting of henna powder in India. Recognized for its commitment to quality and authenticity, NMP Udhyog has carved a niche for itself in the global marketplace, catering to an extensive base of customers seeking natural beauty solutions.

    High-Quality Manufacturing Standards

    As a premier henna powder manufacturer in India, NMP Udhyog ensures that every batch of their product meets stringent quality control standards. The henna leaves used are sourced from the most fertile regions of India, renowned for their rich soil and optimal climatic conditions. This not only enhances the intrinsic properties of the henna but also ensures a product that is rich in color and has excellent conditioning properties. State-of-the-art processing facilities maintain the natural essence of the henna, preserving its traditional value while incorporating modern purity standards.

    Global Export Capabilities

    NMP Udhyog has established itself as a leading henna powder exporter in India, with a vast distribution network that spans across continents. The company adheres to international standards in packaging and shipping, ensuring that customers around the world receive products that are as fresh as they are effective. This global reach underscores the trust and reliability that international clients place in NMP Udhyog, reinforcing its position in the global market.

    Where to Buy Henna Powder in India

    For those looking to buy henna powder in India, NMP Udhyog offers a seamless purchasing experience through both online and offline channels. Customers can visit their website to explore a variety of henna products, including pure henna powder, herbal blends, and ready-to-use pastes. The website is equipped with detailed product descriptions and usage instructions, making it easier for new users to understand and select the right product for their needs.

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    The first time I have ordered from this portal and I am very happy with the service. Delivery of the product was slightly delayed, due to a sudden increase in demand, however, the company kept me informed and delivered as soon as possible. I would highly recommend this supplier.

    Anup Singh

    quality products . all products

    quality products . all products are completed organic and quality-wise

    Aman Lasod