BAQ Henna 101: Busting Myths

Henna Powder Manufacturer in India

Body Art Quality Henna Powder (BAQ Henna), has long been considered an exquisite way to color hair and eyebrows. Today we are busting certain myths that have been giving henna a bad reputation.

Fresh Organic henna is the pure henna. Not the off- the- shelf Henna dye!

Sadly, the marketing gimmicks have caused an upsurge in misleading advertisements. Fresh Organic henna is Holy Grail for hair. However, the words “natural” and “pure” aren’t regulated these days. Any company can create a chemical mixture with little henna leaves in it and call it a henna dye. Do not fall for this gimmick and please understand fresh organic henna produces orange to deep red stains. Any henna that produces stains in colors different from this has dye in it.

Organic henna (body art quality) is pure henna but of superior quality with 100 percent “Lawsonia Inermis” leaves. “Lawsonia Inermis” is the botanical name of Henna plant whose fresh leaves are crushed to form Henna powder. Only the fresh leaves are rich in “Lawsone”, the natural dye that produces the famous henna stains. Body Art Quality Henna Powder manufactured by NMP Udhyog doesn’t contain any amount of dye.

Order fresh organic henna from trusted sources only like the NMP Udhyog!

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