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BAQ Henna is the purified form of henna made from the top leaves of the henna plant that has the highest natural dye content. It has some exclusive features like:

1. The highest natural dye content.

2. Precisely cleaned, grounded and sifted.

3. The purest form of henna that is natural henna consists of only dried and powdered leaves of the henna plant.

You should ensure that the henna you get is Black Henna for Body Art Quality (BAQ). This basically means your henna is 100% natural, it is not mixed with other plants, metals or chemicals and that no pesticides have been used. This is another marketing term that primarily means 100% pure henna powder. Black Henna for Body Art Quality/BAQ henna powder is safe enough to use for body art, and finely sifted. Body Art Quality can’t apply to any of the other herbs we use on our hair, because that would mean we are using these herbs for body art and we aren’t. They are being used for hair usage. Be sure that you get yourself 100% pure henna, and herbs.

Here is the list you should keep in mind while applying BAQ Heena:

1. Not soaking for sufficient time

To get good color from henna, it should be soaked in at least 8-12 hours at room temperature. But using henna immediately after soaking, you will not get better results. For better results soak henna for sufficient time.

2. Protect Your Hands with Gloves

Protect your hands when dyeing hair. Wear gloves before you apply the henna mix to your hair. This will protect your hands from being stained orange. Moreover, the smooth surface will allow you to distribute the henna evenly through your hair.

3. Cover Your Ear

Disposable ear covers stop the henna from bleeding onto your hairs and dyeing them. The stain isn’t permanent but it will take some time to diminish. If the dye accidentally gets on your ears during the process, remove immediately with a wet towel.

4. Follow the Instructions

Follow henna instructions closely. This will depend on which brand of henna you buy. Don’t improvise or remove anything. The instructions are there to protect your skin and hair from an apocalypse.

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