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In the nature loving- organic consumer goods embracing life, why leave your hair out of the love, care and attention- they so deserve? It is no longer the cool fad only wild teenagers experiment with.

We are conscious about what we eat and put inside our body. Shouldn’t we be more conscious of what we apply to our body? The epidemic of- thinning hair, hair fall, hair loss, dull lifeless hair, dry hair, split ends and hair prone to breakage- is all the result of reckless use of chemical dyes, heat treatments and chemical laden hair styling products. Chemicals drain the life out of hair living them limp and dull.

But there is a God send natural product, which lets you color your hair, eyebrows or draw tattoos, without causing any damage to your body or hair. The Natural Henna! What’s more- it even nourishes your hair, controls hair fall, prevents split end and treats dryness of hair. Isn’t it amazing?

What is Henna?

Henna is a natural product obtained from a plant called Lawsonia Inermis. It is a flowering plant whose leaves when crushed and sieved yield a fine mix that is used to stain hands, draw tattoos, color hair/ eyebrows etc. However, not all leaves give the same color payoff. Only the fresh new leaves yield good results. Fresher the leaves, higher would be the color payoff. Lawsonia Inermis, or the Henna tree, is a tropical shrub that grows well in warm climate. Indian henna gives a high color payoff since the climate over there allows henna tree to bloom in its full capacity.

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How is it better than chemical dyes?

Chemical dyes change the color of hair by penetrating the hair cuticle and reaching the cortex. In this process, chemical hair dyes strip hair of its natural sheen, moisture and texture. Constant use of chemical dyes makes hair dry, limp and lifeless. Henna, on the other hand, acts like a coat or a varnish that changes the color of hair by coating the hair stand on outside. It acts as an extra layer that not only changes the color of hair but also protects and nourishes it.

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Are all Henna same?

No! All hennas aren’t same. If you are looking for 100% pure henna that doesn’t have the slightest hint of chemical dyes in it, go for organic natural henna like that of NMP Udhyog’s pure henna powder for eyebrows and hairOrganic Henna Supplier, Manchestercan be safely used to color hair and eyebrows as well as for body art.

However, thanks to the growing awareness about henna benefits and its popularity, there are many counterfeits available online claiming to be natural henna. Such counterfeit hennas have chemical dye in it. Remember, henna gives color payoff only in different shades ranging from orange to orangish red.  Any henna that claims to give you pink, blue, purple, jet black or grey color- isn’t henna (pure henna to be precise). It has chemical dye added into it. And chances are high that it has only a very small percentage of henna added into it- just enough to make it say henna hair dye- a marketing gimmick.

Choose only 100% natural organic henna, like that of NMP Udhyog’s- your hair will love you for that indeed!

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