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Shikakai is a traditional Indian hair care product. NMP Udhyog Shikakai powder is natural hair wash and hair care in one. It cleans your hair and your scalp intensively in a very gentle way. Like a conditioner, it strengthens your hair and gives shine and fullness.

Shikakai powder is free from artificial additives like surfactants, fragrances or dyes completely natural and vegan. The natural active ingredient closes the hair structure and helps your scalp to detox. Additionally, it helps to prevent irritation and dandruff, it reduces split ends and stimulates hair growth. There are various benefits of using shikakai. NMP Udhyog is also a manufacturer and supplier in Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Benefits of using Shikakai

1. Adds luster and softness

The natural ingredients of shikakai convert your hair softer and add a fine shine to it.

2. Fights dandruff

The anti-fungal properties of shikakai nourish your scalp and reduce itching and dry hairs. Used regularly, shikakai can cure dandruff.

3. Gives you stronger, thicker hair

Shikakai strengthens hair roots. The result’s stronger and healthier hair, with lesser hair fall.

4. Prevents a dry scalp

Shikakai works its magic on a dry scalp by acting as a natural cleaner without washing away necessary oils.

How To Use:

1. Take 2-3 tablespoons of the shikakai powder and 2-3 tablespoons of water according to your length of hair.

2. Mix the water and powder until it forms a runny mixture. This runny mixture is your shikakai hair wash.

3. Adjust the hair wash as needed to make it runny. Creating the right consistency is important to make the mixture easier to work through your hair.

4. Leave the mixture in hair for 15 minutes. Then rinse your hair with water.

Except this NMP Udhyog is dela in Henna powder which is used for hair, Tattoo, eyerbrow tinting etc.

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