Organic Lemon Soap

Our organic lemon soap is handcrafted using the finest ingredients. This creamy formula is bursting with lemon oil, which makes it ideal for every skin type. Get this product by best organic lemon soap wholesalers in India. Our organic lemon soap is a traditional favorite, with the sweet and zesty scent of lemons. Serve them up in your guest bathroom as an invigorating way to start the day. We are leading USDA organic certified organic lemon soap manufacturers in Rajasthan.


Organic lemon soap by NMP Udhyog is made from certified organic ingredients, including natural lemon essential oils and real lemon juice. Best of all this is 100% vegan and free from petrochemicals, artificial colors, foaming agents & fragrances. The citrusy aroma will lift your spirits while the gentle cleansing action will leave you feeling refreshed. The invigorating lemon fragrance is perfect for waking you up in the morning or just giving your bathroom a fresh scent throughout the day. Our lemon soap leaves your skin feeling moisturized and soft. We are leading organic lemon soap supplier in India.


  • It is gentle on the skin and, best of all, it cleans!
  • Organic lemons contain vitamin C that is good for the skin.
  • The fresh scent of lemon essential oil will leave you feeling fresh and clean.


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