Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil

Organic palmarosa essential oil is an excellent ingredient for natural perfumery and aromatherapy; it is also widely used in cosmetics for its mild and soothing fragrance. Organic palmarosa essential oil is extracted from leaves, roots and stems of the plant. This oil has a fresh, herbaceous and sweet aroma with woody undertones. This aromatic oil is used as an ingredient in soaps and personal care products, perfumes, hair-care products and candles. We are leading Organic palmarosa essential oil manufacturer in India.

• It has a fresh and sweet grassy-floral scent that is said to be uplifting and stimulating.
• It makes an effective choice for steam bath oils and body lotions, or it can be added to any other blend for uplifting diffuser blends. We are leading USDA organic certified Organic palmarosa essential oil manufacturer.


Our organic palmarosa essential oil is sourced from the palmarosa shrub and steam distilled. The aroma creates a euphoric and uplifting sensation that permeates the senses when diffused. Get this product by Organic palmarosa essential oil suppliers. This versatile scent, derived from the grass Palm Oil, has a sweet and light aroma that can be enjoyed alone or mixed with other essential oils to create a custom scent all your own. We are eminent Organic palmarosa essential oil wholesalers.


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