Organic Jasmine Essential Oil

It has been used for centuries for its ability to help uplift mood and give a powerful sense of well-being. Get this product by Organic jasmine essential oil suppliers. Jasmine’s energizing scent is also known to help banish fatigue, making it a favorite among those who work long hours in stressful environments. We are eminent Organic jasmine essential oil wholesalers.

• Jasmine is an exotic, feminine aroma that is light and gentle.
• The scent opens the senses, awakening creativity and spirituality.
• It brings comfort to the mind, body and spirit. Jasmine helps heal rifts in the heart, helping us to see clearly again. We are leading USDA organic certified Organic jasmine essential oil manufacturer.


Jasmine essential oil is a light, floral scent with sweet and fruity undertones. It blends well with amber, amyris, bergamot, geranium, grapefruit and rosewood. This pure jasmine essential oil is also known as the love or moonflower oil. Jasmine essential oil carries the essence of a beautiful, pink-flowering vine that grows in many parts of the world. We are leading Organic jasmine essential oil manufacturer in India.


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